Collect precious items

You wouldn't be a mafia boss without the right jewellery – the gold presidential watch, the gold signet ring to match. Seek out, buy or just take the items you want, build up a collection and turn a profit.

Build a drug empire

Learn the manufacturing process for different drugs, gather the required materials, build out supply chain and start exporting drugs at scale to turn a profit fit for a mafioso.

Multi-player heists

Make connections with others in the life and work together to pull off heists. Grab your weapons, grab a car and steal from the banks, rival businesses and jewellery stores at scale.

Hang out in the casino

Head over to the local casino and have a flutter with some of those business proceeds. Whether it's the Slot Machines, Poker Machines, Roulette Tables or watching the horsies, there's something for everyone at the Mafia Life casino.

War with other mobsters

Acquire weapons, or just use your bare knuckles, and go to war with other mobsters to earn your spot in the Mafia Life warring league.

Start your own crew

Work together in your very own mafia crew. Build a team, do heists together and war against other crews, competing in the crew leagues.