Frequently Asked Questions

When will the game be ready to play?

We don't have a firm timeline at the moment.

Will the game be free to play?

The game is free to play for everyone.

Does the game have an app?

We plan to release mobile apps for Google Play and Apple's App Store.

Is the game mobile only?

No, you will be able to play from any web browser.

Are there resets, rounds or seasons?

There are no resets, rounds or seasons.

Your game progress will remain with your account for as long as it's active. For privacy reasons, we'll terminate accounts after a couple of years inactivity.

Will the game be "pay to win"?

No, we don't plan to have a premium virtual currency which allows certain players to benefit over others by spending more money on the game.

How do you plan to monetise the game?

We plan to offer an optional premium upgrade for a fixed price per month or year. This will support the development of the game without giving anyone an unfair advantage for spending more money.